Welcome to the Wukong Family

One crypto project
to create, revolutionize
and share.

They talk about currency, we talk about community.
They aim at transactions, we aim at interactions.
They bet on speculation, we bet on revolution.

We are not perfect, but we are strong and trustful to be the guardian on your crypto journey.
Wukong is here, be the next companion and make history.

Wukong meditating on the cloud
🈳 Wukoin Token (max. 14% tax)

🔥 Features & Tokenomics

Wukoin features plenty of utilities. But firstly, let compounding work its magic and build financial security. Enjoy the high percentage of ETH reflections for EVERY holder on EACH transaction. The team has no dev tokens and is paid with max. 3% of the fees in Eth in the team wallet as only current source of income. The tax rate can be reduced to flexibly react to different situations.

ETH rewards on holders (8% tax)

Sharing and giving are ways of family. Up to 8% of each WUK transaction is given out to all holders to appreciate their support in the form of Ether.

Charity (1% tax)

Never forget to transform the world into a better place. Wukong Charity Wallet makes it financially possible by collecting part of the daily traded volume.

Next-level Marketing (2% tax)

Despite our expertise and strategies, we stand out by asking and cherishing YOUR input in our marketing, so we improve and flourish collaboratively.

Fairness For Everyone

1. We had a FAIR launch, NO presale.
2. There's NO dev team token. Everyone needs to buy on the market.
3. There's a 1% wallet cap for everyone.

Contract Safety

Heavily tested and audited by experienced engineers, WUK token is 100% safe and immune to malicious attacks. The source code of the contract is public and verified on Etherscan.

Locked Liquidity & KYC

We build trust by what we do, not by what we say. All of the liquidity is frozen to assure the token value as well as your assets. Both founders performed the DessertDoxxing KYC.

🎗️ Charity

🌏 Wukong Mantra to make the world better

“Making the world a better place” is not just something we are saying, we are doing it. We are in the process of transforming the world by gathering 1% of each transaction. These transactions are transparent and can be traced on Etherscan. Want to know the use cases we are aiming at? 🤲

  • How Mantra raises funds

    Each of you helps by transactions you carry out. The higher the trade volume of Wukoins, the more ETH will be collected, and transferred into the Charity Wallet for charitable initiatives only.

  • How will Mantra help

    Our support is never limited to certain charities. In contrast, our mission is to provide the basic cause of happiness for every being on this planet. Our goal is to register Mantra as a charity organization! Before that, we will help and support people in need in a transparent way.

  • Wukong Mantra DAO (coming soon)

    We're planning to build a DAO specifically to manage the charity budget and initiatives in a more decentralized way.

🕵️‍♀️ Security

🐱‍💻 The Ultimate DYOR tool

Bad actors are always around the corner. Even for expert investors, it's easy to fall into the trap and get rekt by scammers. Wukong Project has decided to change the game in a purely decentralized fashion.

  • Wu Detecc - DYOR and change the game

    Knowledge is power but doing your own research has never been so easy. Wu Detecc is the most user-friendly platform to get useful information about any project quickly and get informed of any malicious code and redflags detected, finally in a human-readable way.

  • DeFi at its finest - Decentralized Score

    Not happy about the automatic WuScore? No problem, the community has the decentralized power to change it. For the first time in your crypto journey you won't need to give up on your anonymity to create an account. Connect your wallet and you're good to go. Leave your anonymous reviews and help Wu Detecc to reflect the real trustworthiness of a project. DeFi is finally here.

  • B2B Services - KYC, Audits & Incubation

    You're legitely trying to build your project and the confidence of your investors? Show off your Wudoxx KYC certificate and request us a project audit to grant your community you won't scam anyone. Have a great idea for your next project and you need guidance or technical help? Apply for the Launch Kit or the Wukong Incubation program and let's see how we can help you launch your first startup.

📚 Education

👩‍🏫 Grow with Wedu

We are not the next “Crypto Gurus” but we are a group of people who’d like to share experiences and deliver knowledge. Crypto space is a mixture of good and bad, where knowledge is the best weapon to arm ourselves, to protect us from fraud, to leverage our wealth. That’s why we are ambitiously constructing WEDU, to establish a knowledge-sharing culture among communities.

  • Wedu, the next level E-learning platform

    With the built-in platform, we are able to embrace knowledge-sharing and learning. We want to be the next learning hub in the crypto field, helping you to resolve the frequent questions and concerns.

  • L2E system

    Learning should be motivating and entertaining, right? How about a learning platform that provides you rewards for each achievement in form of an NFT? Awesome!

  • Tutor incubator

    We reward not only individual learning efforts but also the contribution to knowledge creation. Do you want to be the next tutor and share your expertise with the community?

💬 Community

📣 Comics, Partnerships and much more.

As the name itself implies, it’s about a project rather than a hype. We emphasize the progress but not the ending. We are willing to practice, to share and to grow with all of YOU. And that’s exactly why we put our community in the first place. Want to have a sneak preview of what we are planning at even before joining us?😉

  • A Better & Safer DeFi Trading Place

    Crypto market flourishes but risks linger. Attackers/fraudsters are trying to lure any early investor. In our community, we share our personal experiences with you and advise you on how to avoid scams.

  • Breaking News and Dynamics

    We have big plans for this project, plenty of ideas and amazing upcoming news. Yeah, we love to spoil our community. Be the first and keep up to date. We also love to stick with the Lean Startup and MVP (minimum viable product) approach, so our roadmap is dynamic and will respond to or initiate changes as the space evolves.

  • Partnerships

    Sharing is enriching. We are elated to have quality partnerships to expand our brand’s reach mutually.

💎 Currency

✅ How to withdraw ETH reflections by using Wukoin Dashboard?

Are you as excited as we are to enjoy building passive incomes? We summarised some helpful resources here for you to redeem your rewards.

No matter on a laptop/computer or on mobile devices, claim as you wish! We are proud to introduce the following video made by @yonWorld (famous YouTube Influencer in crypto space) with a step-by-step tutorial, explaining to you how to receive your first ETH reflection.

🦾 Are You Ready

🚀 Discover the Wukong Project and make our own history!

Feel free to ask for help in the Telegram group! There are many nice people willing to help and waiting for you!

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🗺️ Roadmap

🍌 Public plans and Achievements

What's better than a public board to let the Wukong Family take a sneak peek to what's going on behind the scenes? Keep in mind that some things need to be disclosed at the right time and some plans can change according to the circumstances and business needs 🙈

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